The man they call ‘Trolley Snatcha’ has been more than busy over the past year. Originally influenced by bands and choosing to play guitar to “impress girls”, Zack Kemp has transformed into a multi-talented, Dubstep making machine. It also can’t be forgotten that Zack is a more-than-successful DJ, playing worldwide sets as far flung as Australia, New Zealand and the USA in the past few years. As a relatively new artist, with a first release on Dub Police in 2009 (‘The Future’), Trolley Snatcha is a name that’s already received a lot of recognition, but also managed to stay prominent on the radar of bass-led music. He has a certain uniqueness in all areas of his musical journey; when his Dad gave him a copy of Reason, the transition from guitar playing to electronic music was just imminent, and his love of producing hip hop and drum and bass organically developed into the Dubstep genre. Zack sent some tunes to Caspa online, and was immediately welcomed and placed among the ranks of the definitive label Dub Police, home to Caspa himself, D1, Emalkay , Subscape and The Others.

Having attacked the European festival circuit properly for the first time in 2011, with events including Glastonbury, Dour festival in Belgium, and Lowlands in Netherlands, 2012 will see Zack continue to play festivals and a stream of gigs in the UK. When it comes to his remixes, each track is carefully picked to complement his effervescent style, ensuring that his few chosen releases in this area have been outstanding. They include takes on ‘Chase and Status – Blind Faith’ and more recently, an ubiquitous remix of Ministry of Sound’s ‘Yogi – Follow U’. After the release of his major EP ‘Subtext’ in February 2012, which was formulated more like an album with five coherent tracks and major tune ‘Make My Whole World’, Trolley Snatcha certainly ascertained himself as an outstanding producer.

Zack’s unique sound encompasses interesting musical process; he constructs a track melodically with the angle that a guitar led band might take, then in his own words “rushes out all the melodies with loud noises”. Tunes are actually constructed in parts like it would be played live, and with the help of a Midi pick up for guitar, which programs notes as he plays them, the basis of his self-created music is a wide-ranging blend of influences and musical progression. As a result, his personal take on the Dubstep phenomenon provides the characteristic heavy electronic bass, while eclectically retaining the formation of his more harmonious original influences. Perhaps unexpectedly, Zack sees himself as a PC man, and that he always will be until they stop making them.

As an esteemed member of the Dub Police family, Trolley Snatcha states that the label represents Dubstep as a sound, and each artist presents their own vein of the genre, rather than all conveying a specific type. He is most definitely in a league of his own regarding the individual sound. As for the man himself, he will be continuing to perform at Fabric with the crew in 2013, as well as playing shows and festivals throughout Europe. Planned releases include a follow up EP to ‘Subtext’ and a collaborative release with a label mate, but for now that’s under wraps, so keep an eye out for the latest from Trolley Snatcha. Big things are coming.

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Singles & EPs

The Future / Scattah Dub Police 2009 BUY
One Trick Pony EP Dub Police 2010 BUY
Circle K Dub Police 2010 BUY
SlowDown Dub Police 2010 BUY
Break Your Neck (feat. Dread MC) Dub Police 2011 BUY
Subtext EP Dub Police 2012 BUY
Trolley Snatcha EP Scion AV 2012 BUY


Adam F & Horx Shut the Lights Off Breakbeat Kaos 2009 BUY
Caspa Terminator Dub Police 2010 BUY
DreadZone Gangster Dubwiser Records 2010 BUY
Kano Spaceship Bigger Picture Music 2010 BUY
Emalkay The World (feat. Lena Cullen) Dub Police 2011 BUY
Chase And Status Blind Faith (feat. Liam Bailey) Mercury Records 2011 BUY
Yogi Follow U (feat.Ayah Marar) Ministry of Sound 2011 BUY
Foreign Beggars Contact UKF Music 2011 BUY


I Don’t Care White Label 2010


DP093: What Ya Call Me EP
DP093: What Ya Call Me EP
RELEASED April 2014
DP098: CLASS OF 2013
DP098: CLASS OF 2013
RELEASED March 2014
RELEASED February 2014


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